“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see”                                                                                                                 – Edgar Degas

I fell in love with photography in early 2009. The incredible beauty of our world routinely catches my eye. I am drawn into another world within our world when capturing images. Inevitably, the object of my attention will guide me to notice something more – in many instances, even more compelling than what originally caught my eye. At other times I’m drawn into the world of whatever I’m photographing more deeply than I would have been without the camera.  It always brings me a sense of joy and wonder.


Kathy’s photography was shown in an exhibit entitled “A Thing of Beauty” in May 2012. Her photograph “Chord” was chosen to be shown at the East End Arts Council juried show “Music” in March 2012. “Father and Son” was chosen in the juried East End Arts show “Connections” in June 2013.
The exhibit entitled “Love is Everywhere”, highlighting the heart shapes that have dominated many of her photographs, took place in February 2015.  “In Our Own Backyard” featured photographs taken on Long Island’s North Fork – some literally in the photographer’s Mattituck backyard, on display September 2016.

Kathy is a Photographer, Certified Wilton cake decorating instructor, music therapist, music educator, mother to Megan and Charlie and wife of Tony.
She lives and works on the North Fork of Eastern Long Island, NY.

If you’re interested in purchasing any prints of Kathy’s work, please use the contact form.

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